Manage Endpoint Agent Settings
Existing Endpoint Agents can be reviewed and managed from the Endpoint Agents > Agent Settings page of the ThousandEyes web application:
To add a new Endpoint Agent, see the Installation documentation.
The following information about each agent is provided in the main table:
  • Name.
  • Agent labels.
  • Version.
  • Browser extensions installed.
  • Current location.
  • Date of last contact with the ThousandEyes application.
  • Date the Endpoint Agent was last modified.
To see detailed information about a single agent, click on the relevant entry in the table to open the Endpoint Agent Settings side panel.
The side panel contains the following information about the agent. Some details can be edited/configured, and are marked clearly below.
  • Agent's Name: The agent's name (configurable via a text field).
  • Proxy: The proxy the agent uses for scheduled tests (configurable via a drop-down menu. See [proxies]).
  • Current Labels: The list of currently applied Endpoint Agent labels (see [labels] for configuration options).
  • Assigned Scheduled Tests: A 24 hour timeline of scheduled tests assigned/running on the agent.
  • Tests: A list of all tests running/assigned on the agent.
If any changes are made to the Endpoint Agent, click Save Changes, or Cancel to revert the changes.
To see more details about the agent, click the Show Agent Details link in the top right corner of the panel.
This panel extension shows the following information:
  • When the agent was created.
  • The agent hostname.
  • The operating system version.
  • The available memory.
  • The agent manufacturer.
  • The model number.
  • The agent users and their browser extensions.
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