When to Use a Page Load Test

Use a ThousandEyes page load test when:

  • You have a web service.

  • You want to understand individual page objects.

  • You only need to test a single page, not the entire user journey.

You can use a page load test to measure in-browser user experience and identify troublesome page components, such as images or other elements that aren’t loading properly. You can also use it to monitor browser performance across different content providers that the page could be fetching data from.

Here are some examples of when to use a page load test:

  • A streaming media company wants to compare website performance from various locations around the world.

  • A financial services provider wants to verify portal reachability and load time across all regions, for both customers and internal users.

  • A news site wants to test its new website redesign before rolling it out to the general public.

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