Release Notes: October 2023


Path Visualization for Cloud Networks

We have added support for IP address enrichment for cloud-based targets, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). IP addresses can now be more accurately identified across the global AWS edge network. Additionally, AWS end services will be enriched for better identification like AWS S3, EC2, CloudFront, Route 53, and Global Accelerators. For more information, see Path Visualization for Cloud Networks.


Additional ThousandEyes for OpenTelemetry Test Support

Support has been added for the following test metrics:
Endpoint Agent HTTP tests:
  • Availability
  • Response Time
  • Throughput
Endpoint Agent network tests:
  • Loss
  • Latency
  • Jitter

In-Session Mode for Agent-to-Server Test Types

Users can now enable in-session mode for agent-to-server test types (HTTP server, FTP server, page load, transaction, DNS server, and network) to get an accurate path trace when Force TCP SYN mode is selected for end-to-end network probes. This corrects behavior where phantom packet loss could be encountered with some firewall vendors in their default configuration.
To enable this option on an agent-to-server test, select Force SYN as the probing mode, and check the In Session box under Path Trace Mode.
For other test types, the same option is available under the Network section of the Advanced Settings tab.


Updates to Test Templates

2023-10-16 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Review button was enabled even though the user needed to take action to fix an error.


Cisco IOS XE Software Web UI Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Cisco has publicly released a security advisory related to the HTTP Server component in IOS-XE: Cisco Security Advisories.
Until this vulnerability is resolved, the impact to ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents is covered below:

ThousandEyes Impact

While disabling this component does have an impact on the ability to manage the Cisco Application Hosting Framework (also referred to as CAF, IOX, or App Hosting) from the DNA Center (DNAC) environment, it does not directly impact the ability to run a ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent on the Cisco device.
We have done several tests to verify that both existing and new installs of the ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent conducted using the command line interface (CLI) for CAF will not be negatively impacted by disabling the HTTP server component within IOS-XE as specified in the security advisory. That said, our current recommendation is that customers who intend to use DNAC or other external tooling to manage their Cisco network devices follow the instructions within the security advisory to utilize an ACL to only allow trusted devices to access the HTTP server component.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ThousandEyes Support.


Updates to Test Templates

2023-10-23 Bug Fixes

  • Removed the "Look Up Servers" form inputs for DNS trace tests, which were causing an erroneous validation error when left blank. DNS trace tests do not have a list of target servers to test, so this field is not necessary.


New Test Template for Microsoft Teams Monitoring

We have released a new Cloud and Enterprise Agent test template for deploying a suite of ThousandEyes tests to monitor Microsoft Teams. See the Monitoring Microsoft Teams guide for more information.

Support for Enterprise Agents on Intel NUC 12 and NUC 13 Devices

ThousandEyes now supports installing Enterprise Agents on Intel NUC 12 and NUC 13 devices. For more information on installation processes and hardware requirements, see Installing a Physical Appliance.

New Limitation for Plotting Groups in Widgets

We have introduced a limitation on the number of groups that can be plotted in widgets. For variables with high cardinality (more than 50 unique groups), use widget filters to narrow down the groups.

Cloud Agents Added

New Cloud Agents have been added in the locations listed below. For a full list of Cloud Agents, see ThousandEyes Cloud Agent Locations.
  • Auckland, New Zealand (AWS Local Zone)
  • Auckland, New Zealand (Spark NZ)
  • Berlin, Germany (GCP europe-west10)
  • Fuzhou, China (Alibaba cn-nanjing)
  • Manila, Philippines (AWS Local Zone)
  • Manila, Philippines (Globe-Innove)
  • Nanjing, China (Alibaba cn-nanjing)
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Alibaba me-central-1)
  • Tel Aviv, Israel (AWS il-central-1)
  • Warsaw, Poland (Azure polandcentral)

Changing Allowlist IP Addresses

This is a final reminder. As previously announced, on October 31, 2023 - today, ThousandEyes will discontinue support for the following IP addresses:
If you are currently allowlisting these IP addresses to receive alert notifications, you should continue to do so until October 31, 2023. However, to avoid a hard stop on your incoming ThousandEyes webhooks, we urge you to update your systems to also allow any or all of the following addresses based on your region:
US1 Region
EU1 Region
After October 31, we strongly advise you to remove and from your allowlist, as we will no longer support them.