Release Notes: 2015-12-02

Into the home stretch of 2015. We at ThousandEyes have one release left in anno MMXV for you, stuffing your stocking with nice surprises of new features.

And this isn't it.

That release comes later this month. Today brings a more modest bounty. But it does include *pie* (well, pie charts), as appropriate for the week after Thanksgiving (for those of us in the USA, anyway).

Reports: What's a holiday without pie (charts)?

Our Reports now offer the pie chart widget, in addition to all the other widgets you know and have come to love. The pie widgets support metrics similar to those of the stacked bar chart widget, but allow for greater visual contrast.

Path Visualization View: Improved label positioning

Love the Path Visualization view, but hate when labels for Agents overlap with nodes and links? We do too. So we've improved the algorithm that positions the various graphical elements in order to eliminate as much overlap as possible. Here's a sample:

Before: When expanding the path from Atlanta, Hong Kong and Tokyo, we overlapped elements.

After: No overlap!

Bugs squashed

Squash is a traditional Thanksgiving dish, so we've squashed some bugs for you. Quick summaries can be found below:

  • Fixed a few minor issues with ThousandEyes pricing calculator (not related to pricing!)

  • The Notifications (that bell icon in the top right corner) displayed an incorrect rollover date (the date each month when Cloud Units are refreshed)

  • Under certain conditions, an Enterprise Agent could not be deleted when it was shared across accounts.

Questions or comments?

We really do love hearing from our customers. If you have anything you're curious about, or even want to learn more - just drop us a note.

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