Working with Labels for Agent and Test Groups

Administrators can define labels of tests or agents so they can be quickly selected to assign to specific contexts. You can use labeling to group an Agent to test assignment and test filtering, as well as other areas.

To manage your groups, browse to the Cloud & Enterprise Agents section and click:

  • Test Settings > Test Labels to manage test-based grouping.


  • Agent Settings > Agent Labels to manage Cloud Agent- and Enterprise Agent-based grouping.

Creating a Group Label

  1. Click Add New Label.

  2. In the Add New Label dialog, type the label name (for example: TestLabel).

  3. Select a label color by clicking one of the color circles.

  4. Click the Agents dropdown and select checkboxes next to agents that you want to have the same label color.

  5. Click Add New Label in the lower right of the dialog.

    The result will be that a new label is added to the labels listing, and the name of the label and the number of items labeled appear.

Once your agents or tests have been assigned labels, these groups can be used to quickly assign agents to tests or vice versa.

If you make a mistake, or need to remove an agent or test from a particular grouping you are labeling, find the agent or test in the main list, and click the listing or arrow on the lefthand side to open the detail. To view all selected agents or tests, click Selected just below the Searching field. You can deselect any selected items, or search and add new items.

Editing Labels

You can rename a label by opening its details and renaming it under Label Name. Then click Save Changes.

You can delete a label by clicking the Options icon on the far right of a label listing and choosing Delete from the dropdown. Then confirm by clicking Delete.

You can also duplicate a label for use where a particular grouping can be preloaded and then more quickly edited using attributes from the copied label. From the dropdown menu, select Duplicate. The copy appears below. You can then rename it and change it according to your desired grouping requirements.

You can edit or customize the duplicate without changing the original.

Searching by Labels

Agents and tests can be searched based on labels using the search box. Type the name of the item you want to search, in this example we have chosen to search by predefined test label DNS--Server.

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