Using the tls module

If your transaction script needs to connect to a server over TCP secured with TLS, use the tls module, which is included as a part of the ThousandEyes net module.

Creating a Connection

To create a client connection that includes TLS, use the connectTls function:

await net.connectTls(<port>, '<host.ip.address>', [OPTIONS])

Example GET Request with TLS

In the following example, notice that you first set host and port; then use those when you call net.connectTls:

import net from 'thousandeyes';


async function runScript() {
   let host = '';
   let port = 443;
   let request_body =
`GET / HTTP/1.1
Host: ${host}
User-Agent: thousandeyes-transaction

  let client = await net.connectTls(port, host);
  await client.write(request_body);
  let response = await;



For additional examples, see the public repository of ThousandEyes transaction scripts.

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