Release Notes: 2012-04-24
Here at ThousandEyes, we have been busy over the last couple of weeks working on some cool new features for this release:
  • New logo - as part of the upcoming revamp of, we now have a brand new logo!
  • New menu - the interface has a brand new top menu and navigation; all views are now under a single entry called "Views" and categorized by layer (Network, DNS, DNS+, HTTP, UXM). Instant tests can now be found under Reports - Instant Test Report. We also renamed a few of the views for clarity.
  • New breadcrumbs - at the top of each page, you will now find navigation breadcrumbs to help you orient yourself and move between views.
  • Data shows up faster in views - we redesigned our backend so that users can receive data for their tests faster; now there can be partial aggregations in the last round of data available from the timeline for tests that are run from agents.
  • Graphs replaced by Reports - due to the overlap in functionality we decided to merge the Graphs view intoReports. We plan to add some more report templates in the future to make it easier to slice and dice data, including a comparative report to compare one or more tests head to head.
  • Highlight expanded nodes in Path Visualization graphs - after clicking on the number of hops on a path, the new nodes that become visible will flash for a short time. This makes it easier to identify which nodes were added.
Last modified 1yr ago
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