Dual Chromium Option

The “dual Chromium” feature is for ThousandEyes customers running transaction tests and page load tests, both of which rely on BrowserBot running the Chromium browser on a ThousandEyes Cloud or Enterprise Agent.

Chromium is an open-source project from Google, with upgrades issued outside of ThousandEyes’ control. While you don’t have to perform any upgrades directly, the preparations described here will help you adapt to these updates from ThousandEyes as they occur.

ThousandEyes doesn’t upgrade for each new Chromium version, but instead chooses selectively on a rolling basis every few months. Therefore the “latest version” used by ThousandEyes isn’t necessarily the next version from the Chromium open source project. It may skip release numbers.

Note that "previous" or "older" refers to the last released version, the Default option, and "newer" or "latest" refers to the next version or Use newer when available option.

To enable a more consistent experience, ThousandEyes manages the Chromium version on all Cloud and Enterprise Agents at the same time, keeping them all on the same upgrade cycle. Enterprise Agent upgrades normally occur in the background, with an announcement in the Changelog.

However, changing the Chromium version that’s running under the hood can impact existing tests, particularly transaction tests with complex scripting.

Customers have the option to enable their own designated Enterprise Agents to include both the previous and latest version of ThousandEyes-vended Chromium, and then to “canary” their transaction tests on each version by running an instant test on the dual-Chromium Enterprise Agent. Selected Cloud Agents also have the dual option enabled.

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