Retaining Data Beyond the 90-Day Limit

In the ThousandEyes web interface, test data expires after 31 days, and after 90 days via the API (with minor exceptions). If you need to preserve an event for future examination, to periodically sample your test results for a long-term baseline or for other needs, you can permanently save a time interval of up to two days of data. A Saved Event is similar to a Snapshot, but is private to your account group.

Saved Events

Save an event by clicking the Save button above your test, providing a name, and selecting the window of data that will be stored, per the Save This Event window, shown below.

Once the event is saved, the data within the time interval will be preserved indefinitely. Access the event in the Saved Events page by clicking on Sharing > Saved Events in the left-side menu. This page will list your Saved Events, and allow you to access the data by clicking on the X-Layer icon. For example, the Saved Event details for "Test Event 01" can be viewed clicking on the X-Layer icon, circled below.

If you need to share the Saved Event data outside your account group, open the Saved Event using the X-Layer icon, and then use the Share button at the top of the page. The Snapshot inherits the time window of the Saved Event.

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