Release Notes: 2017-05-10

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Archana Kesavan's latest blog post is entitled Best Practices for an Internet-based SD-WAN. In addition to info on software-defined wide-area networks, you'll also get a peek of a BGP Visualization from the route leak by a Russian ISP, Rostelecom, affecting major financial and e-commerce sites' networks.

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Enterprise Agents

Agent utilization is a common subject of support cases. We've added two new features to make management of Agent Utilization and of Agents in general easier.

Utilization in Enterprise Agent clusters

We've changed the way Agent Utilization is reported by clustered Enterprise Agents. Previously, we reported utilization of the cluster members, rather than the cluster itself. We've now switched: utilization of clusters is now reported under a new Cluster Statistics tab, and the individual Agents no longer display the Agent Statistics tab, as long as they remain in the cluster.

Cross-Account Group Test Management

To more quickly address high utilization, we've added a utility for managing tests assigned to Enterprise Agents and Enterprise Agent clusters. A new Manage link is available on the Agent Utilization graph under the Agent Statistics tab (individual Enterprise Agents) or on Cluster Utilization graph under the Cluster Statistics tab (Enterprise Agent clusters). Clicking the link will display a list of the test queues for which the Agent has at least one test assigned.

In the above image, the Enterprise Agent has utilization graphs for four queues:

  • Browser Tests

  • HTTP Server + DNS + Network Tests

  • Agent To Agent Tests

  • Bandwidth + Throughput Tests)

    The Manage link displays three queues. The Agent To Agent Tests selection is absent because this Enterprise Agent has no Agent to Agent tests assigned to it. Note however that if an Agent which is not assigned an Agent to Agent test runs the test because it’s configured in the Target for Test setting, utilization occurs in either the Agent To Agent Tests queue or Bandwidth + Throughput Tests queue, depending on whether the test's Throughput option is selected.

Clicking on one of the queues displayed by the Manage link will open the Manage Utilization window. The window displays a list of Account Groups and the number of tests from each Account Group that the Agent is running. Expand an Account Group and select an individual test, or all tests by selecting the Account Group. Then click the Remove button to remove these tests from the Agent.

When the Send email notifications to users who made the last change on removed tests box is checked, an email with a subject of "Tests removed for agent - <Agent name>" is sent to the login email address (as configured in the user's Profile tab of the Account Settings) of said user:

Bug fixes & minor features

Here's the bugs and minor features in this week's release:

  • Updated some of the "Shared by ThousandEyes" tests.

  • Fixed an issue in the Virtual Appliance when trying to change the existing IP address.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented display of the Agent Groups Filter drop-down menu in an Enterprise Agent Status widget.

  • Fixed an issue with Page Load tests indicating a successful load of the page when a timeout is indicated in the data.

  • Fixed an issue which prevented disabling Voice Call tests from Cloud Agents (beta customers).

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