Release Notes: 2016-01-20

For this release, we'll keep the preamble to a minimum and get on with the show! A few feature additions, a few bugs squashed, and we're off to the races.

New Features

The Timing tab of a Transaction Test now has links to the Waterfall tab. Each step in the list of steps, each page in the list of pages, as well as their associated histogram bars can be clicked to display the relevant waterfall in the Waterfall tab. For more information, see the ThousandEyes Knowledge Base article Using the Transactions View for more information.

Timespan selector behavior

We've changed the behavior of the timespan selector when using the quick selection (12h, 24h, 7d, 14d) links found above the timeline. Prior to this change, the behavior would take the center point of the selected window and select the appropriate period of time around the center point. After tonight's change, the right post of the selection will remain static, and the left post will adjust as appropriate.

Usage and Billing changes

Users in roles with permissions to see Billing and Usage data will notice a few changes in this release:

  • First, we're now calculating usage data hourly, instead of once every 6 hours. This means that you'll now have more up to date information in the usage tab of account settings at any given time.

  • Second, for those with access to billing information, you'll be able to access a breakdown of each invoice. Click the View Breakdown link to open a dialog where you can view a breakdown of each line item, breaking down cloud usage by Account Group, Test type, or Test, and Enterprise Agent usage by Account Group.

We've also suppressed invoices generated by our internal systems during our billing system cutover.

Page guide for Alerts

Invalid URL parameters dialog

We've taken additional steps to mute the 'Invalid URL parameters' dialog that pops up when following some links, and to make it more useful. Starting in tonight's release, if an invalid parameter is detected, the parameter will be shown, along with the value to which the parameter has been corrected. The screenshot below shows an example of the dialog in its new, more informative, form:

Bugs squashed

A few bugs have been discovered (and fixed) in the last few weeks. Here's a quick list, for your reference:

  • Two annoyances were discovered with password resets and authentication. Both have been resolved.

    • in some circumstances, users were being forced to repeatedly set a password on login.

    • In some circumstances, users were forced to reset their password after only a few incorrect logins, rather than the standard 10.

  • When viewing DNS Server alerts in the alert history tab of the Alerts page, some users saw jumbled text in alert history due to the alert start time overflowing into the metrics at alert start area of the column.

  • We've corrected a problem that caused instant DNSSEC tests to return null under certain circumstances.

  • We've corrected a behavior that prevented users from deleting an enterprise agent from an agent-to-agent test.

  • We've corrected a problem with the ThousandEyes API that resulted in incorrect data being returned from the /net/metrics/{testId} endpoint, for DNS Server tests running against more than one destination DNS server. It should be noted that metrics returned by the individual server endpoint (/net/metrics/{testId}/{serverId}) were unaffected.

Important reminder

We'll be moving into planned maintenance this coming Sunday (January 24th) for 3 hours, beginning at 1am UTC. You can review the maintenance notification at this link.


We always love hearing our customers' feedback. If you want to drop us a goofy networking joke (ever hear the one about the UDP packet going into a bar?), or make a comment on the product, or on these release notes, please drop us a note. Feedback is always welcome!

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