Release Notes: 2015-01-21

Please find below a list of updates in the January 21, 2015 release.

New agent locations

We've added two new agent locations into our groups of agents available to customers with paid subscriptions. The new agents are available in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Bucharest, Romania. To see the full list of agent locations offered by our platform, see our website.

Please note: these agents are available only on paid accounts. Trial accounts use a different agent set, which includes a more limited set of agent locations.

Path Visualization & BGP Route Visualization views

We've made a couple of changes to the Path Visualization and BGP Route Visualization interfaces this release.

The Group by Continent option has been removed from both the Path Visualization and BGP Route Visualization views, and replaced with an option to change the content of the visualization interface based on the agents or monitors selected in the visualization.

When one or more agents is selected in the visualization, use the "Show selected agents" option to hide the other agents from the visualization. When one or more agents is hidden from view, using the "Show all agents" option will restore all agents to the visualization. Keep in mind that Agents maintain their selection state even while hidden.

In BGP Route Visualization, the "Show only monitors with path changes" checkbox has been converted to a quick selection link. Clicking this link will select monitors showing path changes in the current interval, and the "Show selected monitors" option (next to the monitor selector) will change which monitors are shown in the visualization.

Refer to our Knowledge Base articles entitled Using the BGP Route Visualization View and Using the Path Visualization View for more details on these views.

HTTP Server redirect timing

We've added redirect timing to the HTTP Server view. Redirect timing is shown in the summary pane (#1 below) when an agent is selected, and in the detailed table view below the table, for all agents (#2) when showing the Availability metric.

API changes

We've made a few minor corrections to the Test Metadata reference found in our API documentation available at , made redirect timing available, and added a new endpoint to show BGP monitors in version 5 of our API (currently in beta). Check out the ThousandEyes Developer Reference site for more information.


As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team by emailing us, or by contacting us using the Live Chat option found under the Help & Support tab, anywhere inside the app.

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