Screenshots in Transaction Test Views

Only the last three screenshots are visible in ThousandEyes test results, assuming that the transaction test completes successfully.

There is no limit to the number of screenshots that can be captured during a transaction. However, only the last three screenshots are shown in the test results on the ThousandEyes platform: the last 3 scripted screenshots, and an additional courtesy screenshot taken when the browser is closed after the error. The other screenshots are considered interim, and are discarded if the test completes successfully.

What happens to the other screenshots? Why bother taking them if they aren’t saved? The reason is that interim screenshots can be very useful if your test encounters an error that stops the test from completing.

It can still be useful to specify additional captures in your transaction test script – because if the script encounters an error, you can inspect the state of the webpage leading up to the error. One screenshot will be automatically captured at the time the error occurs. If you had specified additional screenshots prior to the error point, those screenshots will also be available for inspection in the test results.

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