Internet Insights Views Screen

On the Internet Insights > Views screen, the top portion shows a timeline, as shown in the image below.

The bottom timeline, with slider, shows data for the past year, which you can use to view historical outages. (Most views show data for the past 30 days).

The Internet Insights views screen has many navigation features in common with other test-specific views. For basic information on using ThousandEyes views, see Getting Started with Views.

Note the following about the Internet Insights > Views screen:

  • Choose either Network Outages (default) or Application Outages.

  • Choose an outage on the timeline in order to see details on the tabs below. Note that outages between the two views won’t exactly coincide, although they may show different aspects of related outage events.

  • The filter selectors are slightly different between Application Outages and Network Outages, and they’re also a bit different between the timeline and the Topology tab within each view.

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