Release Notes: 2014-11-12

Today's release notes are light, but very rich. In our last release, we introduced the ability to integrate PagerDuty. With today's release, our system now has the ability to send an event to a target server, using Webhooks. Check out the release notes below, and as always, we love your feedback. Send us a note if you have questions, comments, or are looking for additional information.

New Cloud Agent locations

We've continued our agent deployment spree and added the following locations:

  • Bangkok, Thailand (second location)

  • Berlin, Germany

  • Helsinki, Finland

  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Milan, Italy

  • Osaka, Japan

  • Palermo, Italy

  • Taipei, Taiwan (2 locations)

The full list of Cloud agent locations is available on our website, at

Note: Trial accounts are assigned access to Cloud agents from a separate pool of locations, and do not have access to production agents.


We've added the ability to use push-based alerting in this week's release. When using Webhooks, our platform will trigger a notification to your system when an alert triggers or clears. This allows for third party system integration, and customized handling of events detected in ThousandEyes. Check out this article for information on using Webhooks, and for a sample Webhook server implementation.

Reduced support hours for end of year holidays

We'll be reducing our support hours to allow our staff to travel and enjoy the holidays with their families. Reduced support hours of 9am-6pm Pacific Standard Time will run from December 22, 2014 through January 2, 2015, inclusive. Our offices will be closed on December 25th and January 1st.

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