AWS Test Recommendations

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Test Recommendations includes support for API Gateway, the CloudFront content delivery network, and Global Accelerator services. The AWS Test Recommendations service identifies any testable API endpoints and CloudFront and Global Accelerator resources, automatically generating templates that you can select to configure the monitoring resources you need.

To set up an integration for Amazon Web Services in order to receive test recommendations, see AWS for Test Recommendations.

CloudFront Monitoring

CloudFront is the AWS content delivery network service offering a global cache service that stores copies of your data on edge location caches. These caches are positioned as close to your customers as possible.

The ThousandEyes AWS Test Recommendations service only supports CloudFront distributions of Production type with a TLS certificate. Only certificate domains that resolve to CloudFront endpoints would be recommended.

Global Accelerator Monitoring

AWS Global Accelerator directs traffic to a global static Anycast IP address. This IP address acts as a fixed entry point to application endpoints in single or multiple AWS Regions. These endpoints can include Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers, and Amazon EC2.

The ThousandEyes AWS Test Recommendations service only supports Global Accelerators backed by load balancers configured with AWS Certification Manager to terminate TLS. Only certificate domains that resolve to Global Accelerator endpoints would be recommended. Load balancers must have TLS or HTTPS listeners. Other resource types (e.g., EC2 instances) are not supported.

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