Getting Started

Welcome to ThousandEyes, a network intelligence SaaS platform that provides you with real-time visibility into Internet-enabled applications and networks. You can easily set up tests using global vantage points or by hosting agents within your infrastructure to monitor services like DNS resolution, browser response characteristics, detailed aspects of network pathing and connectivity, the status of network routing, and VoIP streaming connection quality.

We're excited to have you join our community of network intelligence experts, and these getting started guides will help you quickly ramp up on our platform. Use the starter exercise below to get logged in so you can begin your journey. Whether you're new to proactive monitoring or a seasoned network pro, our team is here to support you every step of the way.


This exercise requires a ThousandEyes account. If you have a user account, but do not have the required permissions, you can reach out to your ThousandEyes admin user for assistance. If you do not know who your ThousandEyes admin is, reach out to support by following the guide in the Support section below. If you don't have a user account, or if you are unable to add test creation permissions to your existing account, you can create a trial account here: Sign up for a ThousandEyes Trial.

Exercise: Log in to the ThousandEyes Application

To get started, navigate to in a web browser, and log in using your user credentials.

Getting Started Guides

These guides will be super helpful in getting you started with ThousandEyes. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Account Setup and Account Groups

Learn how to set up your ThousandEyes account to align with your teams, integrate with SSO, track usage and view account activity.

Getting Started with Account Setup

Cloud and Enterprise Agents

Learn how ThousandEyes Cloud and Enterprise Agents can be configured to provide an "outside-in", "inside-out", or "inside-in" vantage point for insights into the performance and dependencies of your critical applications and network related services.

Getting Started with Cloud and Enterprise Agents

Cloud and Enterprise Agent Tests

Learn how to configure ThousandEyes tests to provide visibility into your critical network infrastructure and business services. Learn how to create a basic test and interpret the data so you can quickly mitigate service disruptions and answer the age old question: Is it the network or the application and where is the problem?

Getting Started with Cloud and Enterprise Agent Tests

Endpoint Agents

Learn how ThousandEyes end-user monitoring can be used for visibility into employee’s experience of SaaS and internally-hosted applications in context with the underlying wireless LAN, WAN, Internet connectivity and system health. Automatically monitor network connectivity for dynamic applications like Webex, Microsoft Teams and Zoom using ThousandEyes automated session tests.

Getting Started with Endpoint Agents

Transaction Tests

ThousandEyes transaction tests can be configured to mimic user actions or API sequences. Transaction tests provide deep insight into the user experience enabling you to ensure that the user journey completes successfully or in the event that a problem occurs quickly isolate if it’s an application or network issue.

Getting Started with Transactions


ThousandEyes dashboards are a powerful tool to help visualize your application and network health and help proactively find issues. Learn how to create a dashboard using widgets to show your key metrics and provide your teams with visibility into the metrics that matter.

Getting Started with Dashboards


Learn how to transform your ThousandEyes environment from reactive to proactive and integrate alert notifications into your workflow using email or webhooks for third party systems.

Getting Started with Alerts

Internet Insights and Application Outages

Learn how ThousandEyes can enable operations teams with visibility into larger network and application provider outages. ThousandEyes Internet Insights and Application Outages algorithmically leverages our massive data set to help teams with the global, regional or service related outage perspective so they can remediate issues.

Internet Insights

ThousandEyes API

Explore the basics of using the ThousandEyes API and how to programmatically use the RESTful API. There are many different API endpoints that can be used to automate administration tasks, extract test data and integrate into your workflow. This guide includes examples using cli tools, python and node.js to help you on your journey.

Getting Started with the ThousandEyes API


Find out more about how customers can contact the ThousandEyes Customer Engineering team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through email, chat app and via the web using our support portal. Customer Engineering provides technical support to customers who have an account for the ThousandEyes application.

Getting Support from ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes FAQ

Review our new user FAQ for more information.

New User FAQ

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