Adding and Managing WAN Insights Users

WAN Insights is available through the ThousandEyes user interface as a menu option that is enabled through ThousandEyes user roles and permissions. WAN Insights permissions are granted separately from other ThousandEyes permissions.

For users, as long as the user is assigned a user role that includes permissions for WAN Insights, they’ll be able to see the WAN Insights menu options on the ThousandEyes platform.

For administrator users who are responsible for managing other users: The special WAN Insights roles and permissions won’t be visible in ThousandEyes Account Settings > Users and Roles until WAN Insights data onboarding has been completed for your ThousandEyes organization.

See Adding Users for instructions on how to add a user within your ThousandEyes organization.

Roles and Permissions

WAN Insights does not use custom roles within ThousandEyes, however there are a few permissions that are specific to WAN Insights. Upon activation of WAN Insights, the following occurs:

  • The Administer WAN Insights permission is assigned to the Organization Admin and Account Admin roles.

  • The View WAN Insights permission is assigned to the Organization Admin, Account Admin, and Regular User roles.

  • The View WAN Insights anonymously permission is not assigned to any role.

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