Webex Control Hub Integration

Cisco's Webex Control Hub is the central interface to manage Webex organization, and users, assign Webex services, view their usage analytics, and more. When you use ThousandEyes together with Webex Control Hub, you get direct access to ThousandEyes path visualization data within Webex Control Hub. This helps network administrators identify root causes for negative participant experiences.

In this document, you can learn how to set up the integration of ThousandEyes and Webex Control Hub.

The ThousandEyes integration with the Webex Control Hub does not support multiple concurrent Webex meetings.


You need to ensure that the following conditions are met before starting the integration:

  • ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent installed with version 1.120.0 or higher.

  • Webex Desktop App Client installed locally and signed in.

  • ThousandEyes Automated Session Test setup for Webex.

  • Access to the ThousandEyes API.

  • User must have the following permissions:

    • View endpoint data that identifies endpoint agents

    • View endpoint data that identifies network

    • View endpoint data that identifies users

Getting started

To set up the integration for the first time:

  1. Generate an OAuth Bearer token from your ThousandEyes user account and have it handy.

  2. Sign in to Webex Control Hub and follow the instructions here to allow API access to ThousandEyes.

  3. View the network path data in the Webex Troubleshooting menu.

For implementation details within Webex, please refer to the documentation here.

Testing the integration

There are different ways to test the integration, ThousandEyes recommends the following method:

  1. Sign in to Webex, go to Organization Settings, and scroll to the ThousandEyes section.

  2. Create a meeting, and copy a link to the meeting.

  3. Join the meeting as a user either from the Webex Desktop App Client or the browser.

  4. Join the meeting from your Cisco Webex account using the other method (if the first user uses the browser, then use the Webex Desktop App Client or the opposite).

  5. Go back to the Site Administration page, and select Troubleshooting from the left-hand side.

  6. Find your meeting using the conference ID (you can find it at the live meetings).

  7. Select a user, if both users on the meeting are from the same machine, you can choose either.

  8. Finally, toggle down the quality you are interested in, and you will see the data collected by the ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent in the meeting stats, see the below figures:

Referencing the ThousandEyes Platform

In scenarios, when you cross-launch from the Webex ControlHub Network Path into ThousandEyes platform, you are navigated to the Automated Session Tests view, found within the Endpoint Agents > Views section of the web application. The view is pre-filtered to the corresponding user and time segment from Webex Control Hub.

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