Configuring Dual Chromium

You’ll have dual Chromium options in both test settings and in agent settings, including the ability to use specially designated Cloud Agents. The graphic below illustrates how the settings operate together. In all cases, the default option is to use the older Chromium version.

Enterprise Agent Settings for Chromium

In Cloud & Enterprise Agents > Agent Settings, you designate which enterprise agent should be used for canarying. At bottom of Enterprise Agent Basic Configuration tab, the BrowserBot Package Type has two options:

  • Default - On the agent settings, default refers to the last version of Chromium, presumed to be stable as far as your tests are concerned. If the Enterprise Agent has this setting, then even if you run a test with Newer when available, that test will use the last version when running on this agent.

  • Dual Chromium Version - This allows you to use the newer Chromium for your tests that run on this agent. You’ll still need to change your test settings to Newer when available as described in the next section. Otherwise your test will run on the older version, i.e., the default.

For more information on agent settings, see Working with Agent Settings.

Cloud Agent Settings for Chromium

ThousandEyes has enabled selected Cloud Agents for dual Chromium. Look for a “Dual Chromium Version” icon and label in the agent selection screen when setting up a new test configuration.

Transaction Test Settings for Chromium

In Cloud & Enterprise Agents > Test Settings, you designate which tests should be used for canarying, as shown below.

On transaction (and page load) test configuration, Advanced Settings tab, Browser Options, a drop-down for Chromium Version has two options:

  • Default - In a test configuration, default means to always run this test using the previous version of Chromium. If you choose this option, it doesn’t matter what the Enterprise Agent setting is, it’ll always use the older version.

  • Newer when available - This option causes the test to use the newer version of Chromium if that version is enabled on the selected agent(s). However, if you run the test on an agent with the agent setting of default, it’ll still use the previous version when running on that agent.

For the Newer when available agent setting, Thousandeyes reserves the right to push newer versions of Chromium on a regular basis. The newer version may impact some of your tests due to version incompatibilities. If you rely heavily on a particular test for production monitoring, choose the default Chromium Version.

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