Installing Enterprise Agents on Cisco Nexus Switches with Guestshell

This article covers the steps to install a ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent on supported Cisco Nexus 9000 series switches running NXOS, using the guestshell and the Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM).


  • A Cisco Nexus 9300 or 9500 series switch running NXOS version 10.2(x).

  • DCNM major release 11.5.3 or higher only, not NDFC (12.x+).

NX-OS customers require an SMU for their 9.3.7 and higher machines in order to install a ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent. The download location for 9.3.(7a) is here: Cisco Software Downloads.

For more details about prerequisites and supported Cisco devices, see the Support Matrix.

Install Enterprise Agents with DCNM

Follow the steps below to install an agent using the DCNM:

Configure DCNM

  1. Log into the DCNM.

  2. Navigate to Control > ThousandEyes > Configure.

  3. Configure the relevant agent settings:

    • Account Group Token

    • VRF

    • DNS Domain

    • DNS Server IPs

    • NTP Server IPs

    • Enable Proxy

    • Proxy information (Proxy-server:port)

    • Proxy Bypass

  4. Once all relevant options are configured, click the Enable ThousandEyes Agent Installation check box, and then click Save.

Override Agent Configuration Options for Individual Fabrics

ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent configuration can be overridden at a fabric level. To override the configuration settings:

  1. Navigate to Control > Fabrics > Fabric Builder.

  2. Click on the Gear icon of the existing fabric to open the Edit window:

  3. On the ThousandEyes Agent tab, update the configuration options for switches in this fabric:

  4. Once any override configurations are complete, click Save, and exit the window.

Install Agents on Individual Switches

  1. From the Control > Fabrics > Fabric Builder page, click on the relevant fabric card, and navigate to the Tabular view.

  2. In the Tabular view, you can see all switches added to this fabric. Select the relevant switch, open the ThousandEyes Agent drop-down menu, and select Install:

Your installation process is now complete.

The ThousandEyes Agent status will now update to Running in DCNM:

To disable a running Enterprise Agent, restart a disabled agent, or uninstall/delete an agent, see Disable, Restart, or Uninstall a ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent via DCNM.

Next Steps

Once your Enterprise Agents have been installed, you can start to build out the tests, alerts, dashboards, and reports, that will allow you to monitor your entire environment. The articles below provide information on where to get started, and your next steps.

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