Configuring Internet Insights
If you need to configure Internet Insights, go to the Catalog Settings page.
Ensure that all your package licenses have been applied to packages.

Subscription Product

Internet Insights outage data is provided to ThousandEyes customers who have an Internet Insights subscription. ThousandEyes displays outages according to the Internet Insights packages that you have licensed.
    Base (included): Outages are displayed in providers that affect one or more of your tests.
    Packages: Outages are displayed in providers from licensed packages.
Internet Insights automatically displays outages that affect your enabled tests. To configure Internet Insights, select the desired packages.

Package Licenses

For Internet Insights, you purchase one or more package licenses. A package license allows you to select a package - for example, the ISP/North America package. You can purchase multiple licenses, up to the number of available packages.
Licenses are not fixed to a given package. You can change the package associated with your license at any time. The number of purchased licenses and the number of licenses currently available to use for a package are displayed at the top right of both tabs of the Catalog Settings page. See the figure below.

Adding or Removing a Package

To add a package:
    Go to Catalog Settings > Packages tab
    Verify that the Available counter shows one or more licenses
    Find the row with the package that you want to add, and hover over it.
    In the Included column, click the Add button to add the package.
    Added packages are indicated with a checkmark in the Included column.
To remove a package, hover over the row with the package to be removed, and click Remove.
You can also add and remove packages from the Catalog Entries tab in a similar way.

Choosing Packages

To determine which packages to license, consider the services that you need to monitor, and any existing ThousandEyes tests you have already configured to monitor those services. Based on those factors, you can determine whether your existing tests provide sufficient coverage to identify outages, or if you need one or more packages to ensure visibility into outages.
For example, a single HTTP server test to a web app hosted in a single data center, run from large numbers of Cloud and/or Enterprise Agents in many different providers is likely to have paths that cross many providers, including the Internet service provider(s) for the data center. An outage in any of the traversed providers will be displayed without your needing to subscribe to a package containing the specific providers.
In contrast, a web app that is hosted in many geographic regions may require subscribing to one or multiple packages, rather than relying on the HTTP server test.
Keep in mind the following considerations:
    If the app is hosted by a single provider, select the package(s) that include that provider. For example, the packages with "IAAS" that include such providers as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Rackspace. Depending on the geographic distribution of the app's users, select one or more of the catalog regions. For example, the "North America IAAS Providers" package, the "Asia/Pacific IAAS Providers" package, and so on.
    If the app is hosted by multiple providers, determine whether the multiple providers are all of the same type (for example, CDN or IAAS) and in the same region (for example, North America or Asia Pacific). If the providers are of the same type and in the same region, no additional packages are needed. If type, region, or both are not identical, you may need additional packages, depending on the hosting locations of the providers.

Tips for Choosing Packages

    If you have no ThousandEyes tests running to the web app, additional packages (for example, those of type "ISP") may be beneficial, in order to detect outages outside of the app provider(s) networks.
    You can search for specific providers from the Catalog Settings > Catalog Entries tab. In the example shown below, the search for provider Limelight displays Limelight's three catalog entries, including the packages in which Limelight is found:
    On the Packages and Catalog Entries tabs, when you click a listed item, a side panel opens, showing a coverage map for that package or entry. (i.e., which networks are included and which geographical location they give visibility into). The coverage map can help you decide which packages to choose.
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