Overview Screen

The Internet Insights > Overview features include:

  • Map: Internet outages are shown in red, application outages are purple. The size of the node indicates the scope of the outage. This map reflects your settings in the filters and time range selector described above. Click a location to see details of the outage. Once you have clicked a location, you can also click a specific outage to see its detailed visualizations in Internet Insights > Views.

  • Time Range Selector: For selecting a time range (for example, the last 12 hours). Time ranges are displayed using the time zone configured in the user's profile. By default, Internet Insights displays data for the last 24 hours.

  • Filter Selectors:

    • Outage Type is either All, Network, or Application.

    • Outage Scope is either All, or only those outages that affect your own tests.

    • Affected Provider lets you choose which provider types to show on the map, for example SaaS (such as 1Password or Adobe) or IAAS (such as Rackspace).

  • Summary block: Lists the total number of outages, the locations of the displayed outages, the number of affected tests in your account group, and any related alerts.

  • Outage Events: A list of most outages. Click the blue text to navigate to the Views screen for that network outage. By detecting traces that don't reach their intended target, we can infer that there's something wrong somewhere in the path.

    • We define outages as events with packet loss above a system-defined baseline, that happen on a particular network at a particular point in time.

    • This list reflects your settings in the filters and time range selector described above.

    • You can hover over a listed outage to see it isolated on the map, or click a listed outage's row to zoom the map to that location. (Click again to restore the map to the default zoom level.)

    • To see an outage's detailed visualizations, click the service name or the outbound-arrow icon.

  • Pagination Controls: The Network list is paginated to show the 5 most recent outages. You can use the > and < buttons (Next and Previous) buttons to navigate to older outages.

  • Timeline: A 24-hour timeline of outages overall is expressed in a histogram at the top of the Overview. Affected Interface Map Nodes: Hover over each map node to view a sublist by location. For navigating to the outage view on the selected network, select a listed outage.

  • Map Zoom: Use the plus (+) or minus (-) icons to zoom in and out of the map, or use the scrolling feature on your mouse or trackpad. Zooming in on an area shows finer geographic detail between sites of affected interfaces.

How Package Subscriptions Affect the Overview

It’s important to note that the outages you see in Internet Insights on the Overview map will only show your own tests, unless you subscribe to packages as described on Configuring Internet Insights. The packages provide the full benefit of collective intelligence, which you can’t get from individual tests alone. However, you don’t have to subscribe to every package, either – only the ones that matter the most for your needs.

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