System Requirements

To install and run the Endpoint Agent, you must have the following:

Any combination of browser and operating system not explicitly identified below is not supported. This includes Firefox and Safari browsers on any operating system.

Supported Operating Systems

The Endpoint Agent is supported on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10 (including Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise) or higher

  • macOS 11 (Big Sur), and higher

Supported Windows Architectures

The Windows MSI installer comes in two versions:

  • x86 version for 32-bit processors (but can be used with 64-bit processors)

  • x64 version for 64-bit processors

Supported Browsers

The following web browsers are certified for operation with the Endpoint Agent browser extension:

  • Chrome 41+

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+

  • Microsoft Edge 79+

Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode

The table below indicates which data the Endpoint Agent can collect with Internet Explorer 11 running the following emulations:

EmulationPage TitleURLPage TimingPage Objects

Internet Explorer 8.x



Internet Explorer 9.x




Internet Explorer 10.x





Network Connections

The ThousandEyes Endpoint Agent requires network connections to the following:

Host NameCorresponding IP Addresses,,,,,,,

The IPs listed above are static, but are subject to change without prior notice. ThousandEyes supports and recommends using the host names.

Proxy Access

If the Endpoint Agent is behind a proxy that performs full TLS decryption, the signing certificate of the proxy must be accessible to the browser running the Endpoint Agent, or the sites above must be added to an exclusion list so that HTTPS interception is disabled.

For Windows Users: Ensure the SYSTEM account can authenticate or exempt from authentication the domains for the proxy. The te-proxy utility is provided as a workaround, but is not the recommended approach.


The Endpoint Agent requires less than 50 MB of RAM and less than 500 MB of disk space.

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