Release Notes: 2013-01-08

Get ready, because we've rolled out some major (and majorly exciting) new features for 2013!

  • You can now deploy your very own ThousandEyes agents on whatever machine you like! The ThousandEyes agent is available as either an installable package or a virtual appliance. See the new agent settings page for instructions.

  • Our new usage-based accounting system gives you far more flexibility in the types of tests you can create. Instead of having a fixed limit per test type, you now have a single, monthly usage allowance which can be applied towards any test type. Need a few extra tests today to monitor a major deployment or provider change? No problem! Just disable or delete them when you're done. As long as you don't exceed your monthly usage allowance, it's all included in your current price. And in case you do need a few more tests beyond your monthly allowance, go ahead -- you can just pay as you go for whatever extra you use. Wondering what your usage will be? Try our new billing calculator.

  • You can now see headers from HTTP responses in the Basic HTTP view.

  • We now support basic HTTP authentication for Page Load and Transaction tests, too. (Not just Basic HTTP tests.)

  • Full IPv6 support for all agent-based tests.

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