Recommendations Screen

The WAN Insights Recommendations screen shows all recommendations that are currently active. Your Top recommendations are sorted by greatest impact, while the All tab allows you to search or filter by sites or application categories, and to see past recommendations.

“Top” Tab

When you choose WAN Insights > Recommendations on the ThousandEyes left-hand navigation menu, the Top tab appears selected. You’ll see top 4 recommendations for each application category, with custom application categories at the bottom. Recommendations are sorted by impact from left to right, so that items impacting the greatest number of users, and offering the greatest quality improvements, are shown first. If you have any Favorites marked, the Favorites appear at the very top.

“All” Tab

Choose WAN Insights > Recommendations and click the All tab to see path recommendations for all sites and application categories. Some sites may not show recommendations, even if the site is having problems. For example, WAN Insights will not generate a recommendation if no better paths are available.

The All Recommendations screen allows you to search and filter:

  • Search by site name, router name, or geolocation

  • Filters:

    • By site, multiples

    • By application category, multiples

    • By Favorites

    • By site topology, which is whether the site is a Hub or a Spoke

This screen is sorted by recommendation status:

  • Ready recommendations are ready to be implemented or acted upon.

  • Applied recommendations are those that were applied.

  • Past recommendations are recommendations that were were either applied, or were terminated by the system due to change in quality conditions. For example, if a site’s current path quality improves on its own, in around 7 days WAN Insights will no longer see a clear benefit to changes, and will withdraw the recommendation. (You can’t open the details of a past recommendation.)

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