Release Notes: 2018-06-06

Welcome to tonight's release! Before we get to the details of what's new in the app, we have some announcements.

Registration is ongoing for ThousandEyes Connect in Silicon Valley. Join us on July 12th to meet industry peers, share insights and learn from networking experts. Additionally, our CEO, Mohit Lad will be meeting, greeting and speaking. And all attendees get a cool t-shirt! So if you'll be in the Valley in mid-July, reserve your spot, today.

What's a release without new blog posts? Everyone loves a good outage story, and our Technical Marketing Manager, Ameet Naik, has the low-down on the recent AWS US-East-2 outage, with lots of great Path Visualizations and a microservices twist, in his blog post AWS US-East-2 Outage and Monitoring Microservices.

In his latest blog post, our VP of Product Marketing, Alex Henthorn-Iwane, asks some existential questions about surviving in an age when you don't own anything but are responsible for everything. Entitled Own or Be Owned: Monitoring Networks You Don’t Control, Alex also provides an anecdote illustrating the pain of ownership.

PS: the anecdote has a happy ending.

And now the details of the release...


A couple nice additions to test functionality with this release--one for Agent to Agent (bi-directional) tests, and one for the Path Visualization.

Cloud Agent to Cloud Agent tests

For bi-directional test types--End to End (Agent), RTP Stream and Voice Call--we now permit Cloud Agents to be both the source and target of the test.

Path Visualization grouping

In the Grouping setting of Path Visualization, a new option to group Agents is available. Agents can now be grouped in Path Visualization by several new categories, in addition to the original (now default) grouping of IP Address.

  • IP Address: The original (now default) grouping by IP Address of the Agent.

  • Agent: Groups single physical Agents that would otherwise be displayed with multiple nodes due to multiple interfaces.

  • Network: Group by autonomous system number (ASN) of the network block in which the Agent's IP address originates.

  • Location: Group by country in which the Agent is located.

  • Location and Network: Group by both Location and Network.

An example of grouping by Location:

Each Agent group node displays the number of Agents in the group.

Access token support for Webhook notifications

Bearer token and OAuth 2.0 access token authentication is now available for Webhooks in the Notifications tab of the Alert Rules page.

The new Auth Type settings:

  • Token: Enter a bearer token generated by an external application.

  • OAuth: Retrieve an OAuth access token via the ThousandEyes app. Clicking the Get Token button will open a new tab in the browser, displaying the page specified in the Auth URL field. Provide any required credentials for authenticating with your provider of access tokens. A message indicating "Token retrieved successfully" will be displayed in the Edit Webhooks dialog if the process was successful.

Password reset policy

Users logging into the ThousandEyes platform will now be allowed to reset their password once in a 24 hour period. Additional attempts will display the message:

Your password was updated less than 24 hours ago. You can only reset your password once every 24 hours.

Users logging in via single sign-on (SSO) will continue to use the password reset policy of their Identity provider (IdP).

Bug fixes & minor features

Here's the bug fixes and minor features in this week's release:

  • Styling tweaks to the new Organization tab's UI.

  • When assigning an Agent to Agent test to an Enterprise Agent cluster, the utilization of cluster members is now taken into account.

  • Fixed issues with emailed images of Reports widgets.

  • Fixed issues displaying the Labels selector in the Add New Label dialog.

  • Fixed an issue preventing creation of labels for Endpoint Agent.

  • Fixed an issue which could cause the API not to return data for one-way Network test data.

Questions and comments

Got feedback on the new features? Got a blog topic you'd like us to explore? Send us an email!

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