Transaction Tests

ThousandEyes transaction tests are scripted synthetic user interactions with web-based applications such as e-commerce or online banking. Unlike the page load test, which only checks if the front page responds, a transaction test can traverse multiple pages and user actions. Transaction tests run on ThousandEyes Cloud and Enterprise Agents using a component called BrowserBot, running Google’s Chromium browser.

If you need to run a test that solely consists of API calls, and don’t need to emulate a user journey in a browser, use the API Test Type.

Sections on transaction tests:

  • Getting Started with Transaction Tests - Start here if you’re new to transaction tests or browser synthetics. Pages include when to use a transaction test, generating tests scripts, and how you can use transaction test metrics in alerts and dashboards.

  • Transaction Test Development Guide - Refer to this section when you’re ready to start tweaking your test scripts or writing custom JavaScript code.

  • Use Cases | Code Examples - This section outlines a few of the more common use cases for transaction tests, and describes how to use the ThousandEyes scripting repository to find more examples.

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