Test Settings

The Endpoint Agent > Test Settings option in the ThousandEyes UI provides you with resources (that are a combination of scheduled tests, dynamic tests, real user tests, and test labels) designed for end-user monitoring to gain visibility into the user experience of internally hosted applications (such as Webex, Zoom, Slack, and more), as well as collecting network- and application-layer performance data when users access specific websites within monitored networks.

Using a test template enables quick deployment of ThousandEyes resources such as tests, labels, and dashboards tailored to your requirements.

The Test Settings option provides you with the following two suites of resources:

  • Synthetic Tests: A synthetic tests template combines scheduled and dynamic tests to monitor a specific application. All the major applications have a defined synthetic tests template, and you can also create a custom template for applications that do not have a predefined template.

  • Real User Tests: Previously known as browser session tests, real user tests automatically record in-browser and network performance metrics whenever the user visits a website in the monitored domain set.


Certified test templates are verified by the ThousandEyes team or in collaboration with trusted third-party partners, and comply with ThousandEyes platform best practices.

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