WAN Insights Value-Add

WAN Insights extends the existing reactive capabilities of your Cisco enterprise SD-WAN network by adding a proactive component.

On the SD-WAN side, the SD-WAN policy engine reacts to network performance issues as they occur, and steers application traffic to better paths in the moment. Cisco’s Application-Aware Routing (AAR) steers application traffic based on pre-defined Service-Level Agreement (SLA) thresholds. It takes roughly an hour for the AAR to respond and start re-routing traffic after detecting a network degradation.

WAN Insights doesn’t wait for a problem to happen. It collects historical network performance data from the SD-WAN telemetry, and forecasts future network path quality for user applications based on a rolling 7-day time window. Based on these forecasts, WAN Insights generates recommendations for actions that are usually valid for several days or weeks.

These forecasting capabilities allow for predictive network optimization based on long-term predictions for sustained improvement.

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