Enter or Upload Bandwidth Data

You can access the bandwidth entry window in several ways:

  • A warning message on the Capacity List that calls out missing data or “improbable” utilization numbers.

  • From Capacity > Settings > Add Bandwidth Information and then click the Enter/Edit button.

  • From a capacity detail screen, click Capacity List and then choose the Settings tab.

Note that vManage only lets you configure egress traffic, not ingress. Since you cannot complete all values in vManage anyway, entering the ingress values in WAN Insights is required to get the maximum benefit from the Capacity Planning feature.

Bulk Entry Tab

Use the Bulk Entry tab to upload a CSV file containing bandwidth information about the routers and sites that already exist in your SD-WAN. You can use the Generate button to generate a correctly formatted CSV file from what’s already been ingested into WAN Insights, and then modify the rows that need updated capacity information.

The columns to modify are the ones with “Override” in the column label, namely ingressOverrideCapacity and egressOverrideCapacity. Enter this value in bits per second (Bps). When editing this file, you can remove any lines that you don’t need to change and just keep the rows to update.

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