This section describes the functionality of the ThousandEyes dashboards.

About Dashboards

ThousandEyes dashboards are a way to see customized live views of your test data, or Internet Insights collective intelligence. For example, if you’ve subscribed to Internet Insights packages, you can set up a dashboard that shows application outages related to your main SaaS provider, alongside Internet outages that affect your users’ ability to access those domains.

Dashboards are composed of widgets including maps, tables, bar and pie charts, and various other types of visual charting, as shown below. See Dashboard Widget Types.

ThousandEyes offers a series of pre-configured dashboards, which you can use as-is, or duplicate the built-in dashboards and then modify the copies.

Creating a new dashboard involves:

  • Providing a name

  • Adding widgets

  • Configuring each widget, starting with a data source (cloud and enterprise agents, endpoint agent browser sessions, or endpoint scheduled tests).

From there, you can choose various metrics and drill-down filtering to surface the data that you care about.

You can duplicate, create, and share dashboards with other ThousandEyes users within your organization, as described in Dashboard Sharing and Snapshots. You can also embed selected dashboard widgets into external web sites for use by viewers outside of your ThousandEyes organization, as described in Embedding Dashboard Widgets in External Web Sites

Additional Resources

The following resources provide further information:

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