Working With Web Development Tools

Web development tools provide inspection and manipulation methods for analyzing various aspects of web applications. Familiarizing yourself with these tools can significantly improve your transaction scripting capabilities and increase the velocity at which you will be able to create new transactions or efficiently analyze reported issues.

To execute Page Load and Transaction tests, ThousandEyes Enterprise and Cloud Agents are running the Chromium browser, a variation of Google's Chrome. This is why this article focuses on resources describing development tools of the Chrome browser. Since the web development tools do not differ significantly between web browsers (at least not in their basic functionality that we're discussing here), becoming familiar with one flavor of web development tools will make you capable of using other browsers' development tools as well.

Video Guides for Chrome Developer Tools

LinkResource typeDescription

Video Duration: 51 minutes

A thorough introduction to all aspects of Chrome developer tools.

Video Duration: 14 minutes

A short tutorial focusing on the Elements section.

Video Duration: 8 minutes

A short tutorial focusing on the Network section.

Video Duration: 6 minutes

A short tutorial focusing on the Console section.

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