WAN Insights

Welcome to WAN Insights! ThousandEyes WAN Insights allows you to proactively optimize your network in order to improve users’ quality of experience on your Cisco SD-WAN. The goal is to improve long-term end-user experience for critical business applications such as Office365 and collaborative services such as Voice and Webex.

WAN Insights is available through the ThousandEyes user interface, with specific integration points into Cisco vAnalytics and Cisco vManage. Upon successful onboarding of vAnalytics network telemetry data, WAN Insights analyzes application data flow records from all routers in the SD-WAN fabric. It then generates path recommendations for application categories that are already defined in vManage, with the capability to add your custom types of application traffic as well.

Key Topics

This documentation is written for seasoned network and IT teams, in particular individuals who already possess expertise in Cisco SD-WAN networking and the use of Cisco’s Application-Aware Routing (AAR) feature. For more information see Audience Assumptions.

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