Endpoint-Pair Quality Comparison

To access the Endpoint Pair Quality Details modal dialog, click a recommendation from the WAN Insights > Recommendations summary screen, and then choose an endpoint pair.

You can also access this information from the WAN Insights > Site Details screen, even if there’s no recommendation for the site you’re investigating.

From a data standpoint, endpoints are entities to which network traffic is routed, or which produce or consume traffic. Examples of endpoints include edge routers, SaaS data centers, and routing prefixes. An endpoint pair consists of an origin endpoint at the site under review, and a destination endpoint at another site or in the cloud.

Endpoint Pair Quality Comparison, Timeline

The endpoint pair modal has several sections, the first of which is the timeline at the top. This timeline is similar to the recommendation details, with hourly users and default vs. recommended path quality. This time it’s only showing the quality metrics for a single endpoint pair, rather than showing quality rollups for every endpoint pair originating at the site.

Throughput and Quality Analysis by Endpoint Pair

The Throughput & Quality Analysis timeline for an endpoint pair shows overall throughput by circuit between those two endpoints.

Throughput data is only available for cEdge routers. See Enabling WAN Insights for more information on supported SD-WAN software versions.

See Recommendation Details Modal for details on the throughput graph, which here is applied to a single endpoint pair.

Hourly Quality of Circuits

The Hourly Quality of Circuits graph only displays when an endpoint pair is selected.


  • Each bar represents one hour.

  • There is one line per interface pair. Each interface has a circuit designation using a color name. For example, biz-internet to biz-internet, or biz-internet to bronze.

  • The red-green color coding is a color gradient indicating the "health" of the circuit. Red = worse, green = better. The more intense the color, the better or worse it is. An intermediate shade indicates room for improvement. The quality thresholds are based on the SLA quality thresholds set for the entire application category.

  • Hover over a bar to see further breakouts.

Circuit Composition

The Circuit Composition graph only displays when an endpoint pair is selected.


  • The source or origin endpoint is shown on the left. This is typically a router on the site that is under review.

  • The destination endpoint is shown on the right. This will be either a router on another SD-WAN site, or possibly a SaaS endpoint in the cloud that is not on your network.

  • Both origin and destination endpoints can have multiple interfaces, which are labeled by the circuit color name, for example bronze or mpls.

  • Solid lines indicate a path that is currently in use for this application category. This is the current path.

  • Dashed lines indicate a recommended path change.

  • You can have paths where the origin and destination are on different circuits.

Endpoint-Pair Metrics Over Circuits

The Endpoint-pair metrics over circuits graph only displays when an endpoint pair is selected. This graph shows the underlying quality measures of loss, latency, and jitter – for each path under review. On the metrics over circuits, the timelines at the bottom show 10-minute increments instead of one hour.

On these graphs, the shaded areas indicate that a measure is exceeding its threshold. Solid lines indicate current quality, while the dotted line indicates the projected quality that could be achieved with the recommended path changes.

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