Release Notes: 2014-10-01

Here's a list of what our teams have been working on over the last few weeks. We're also on the cusp of releasing some updates to some of our beta programs. We'll be in contact with customers who participate in our beta programs over the course of the next two weeks, in order to communicate those updates.

New Cloud Agent locations

We've added Cloud agents in the following locations:

  • Zlin, Czech Republic

  • Frankfurt, Germany

  • Wellington, New Zealand


We've made some changes to our alerting subsystem, in order enhance the user experience. Check out the list below for updates.

Alert Grid dashboard widget

The alert grid dashboard widget now supports filtering. Users can filter based on Agent, Test type and name. To configure the Alert grid widget, either click the gear icon on the upper right hand corner of the widget, or update the dashboard configuration.

Page Load alerts allow component rules

Effective in today's release, users can add specific component failures to page load alert rules. In Page Load rules, you will find a new type of condition called 'Any Component'. You can use this condition to check any of the following metrics against individual components on the page:

  • Domain

  • Total Time

  • Blocked Time

  • DNS Time

  • Connect Time

  • Send Time

  • Wait Time

  • Receive Time

  • SSL Time

  • Component Loaded

Refer to the How Alerts Work knowledge base article for the options available.

Duplicate Alert Rule button

Similar to the Test Settings interface, the Alert Settings page now contains a duplicate button. Click this button to create a copy of the alert rule.

Creation/Modification metadata

Creation/Modification metadata is now shown for alert rules. We now show the user who created and modified the alert rule, as well as the date that the change was made.

Path Visualization

The Path Visualization interface will now render network nodes found on the same local network as an Enterprise Agent in dark blue. This has been added to the Using the Path Visualization View knowledge base article.

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