Release Notes: 2018-10-10

Welcome to tonight's release!

Before we get to the new features, there's still time to tell you there's still time to register for ThousandEyes Connect in Dallas, on October 11th! Registration is free and open for one more day.

For those not in the Dallas area tomorrow, maybe ThousandEyes Connect in Seattle on November 8th, or ThousandEyes Connect in Chicago on December 5th. Check out the lineup of great speakers. No matter which Connect you choose, a great ThousandEyes t-shirt is waiting for you. And if those locations don't work for your schedule, you can still come say hello to us at an event near you (and grab a t-shirt).

And now for the feature event... Features!

Dashboards and Reports

We've added a new Dashboard widget type! Say hello to the Color Grid:

Combining numbers and colors, the Color Grid is a great way to track a large number of measurements of the same metric, such as loss, latency or load times, from Tests, Agents, groups of Tests or Agents in a Label, or other sources.

ServiceNow Integration

In the ServiceNow Integration of the Alert Rules Notifications, we've replaced the username and password authentication with OAuth token-based authentication.

Obtain the Auth URL and the Client ID from your ServiceNow account. Clicking the Get Token button will open a new browser tab or window, requesting approval to add the Integration to your account. If the addition is successful, the Edit Integrations window will display a message indicating success, and the Token field will contain the received OAuth token. Once the token is received, users can run a test of the Integration by clicking the Test button. Complete the creation of the new Integration by clicking the Add New Integration button.

Minor enhancements & bug fixes

Here are the minor enhancements and bug fixes in this week's release:

  • Endpoint Agent no longer forces a restart to install updates in some circumstances.

  • Previously, adding a Test or Agent to a Label would overwrite the previous Label members. Now, the Label endpoint (/groups) can support creating and adding or subtracting with a JSON or XML list of Test or Agent members.

Questions and comments

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