WAN Insights Key Components

The primary system components and data flows of WAN Insights are vManage, vAnalytics, and WAN Insights, as shown below:

Components are:

  • vManage: Cisco vManage is a centralized network management system that is used to manage SD-WAN networks. You also use vManage to apply WAN Insights peer-to-peer/tunnel recommendations as Application-Aware Routing (AAR) policy updates. Application lists also come from vManage.

  • vAnalytics: Cisco vAnalytics is a cloud-based service that offers insights into the performance of applications and the underlying SD-WAN network infrastructure. WAN Insights relies upon historical data from vAnalytics in order to generate recommendations and show drill-down quality of service (QoS) network metrics. Note that the raw network telemetry data comes from network devices. WAN Insights recommendations also display under Predictive Networks, as Predictive Path Recommendations, in vAnalytics. Cisco vAnalytics must be activated before WAN Insights can be used.

  • ThousandEyes WAN Insights: ThousandEyes, a Cisco-owned company, offers an Internet and cloud intelligence platform that helps you to visualize the routing, availability, and performance of your critical network and application providers. ThousandEyes can also identify general Internet network and application outages even when they’re not on your own network. Path trace views provide a hop-by-hop visibility into the network underlay, with detailed path and performance metrics, while other view layers show overlay, website, and SaaS application performance.

WAN Insights uses network data from vAnalytics, and does not rely onThousandEyes test data. However, you can combine WAN Insights with ThousandEyes to achieve an even more complete picture of your entire networking ecosystem, including third-party cloud services and visibility into networks and sites that you don’t own.

WAN Insights appears in vAnalytics as Predictive Path Recommendations.

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