Slack for Alert Notifications

The ThousandEyes platform integrates with the popular messaging application Slack. When an alert is raised, a notification can be sent to a Slack channel automatically.

Slack Integration

In order to integrate ThousandEyes alerts into Slack, you need to generate a webhook URL for your Slack channel as follows:

  1. Sign into <your-domain>

  2. Click the option to add an Incoming Webhooks integration:

  3. Choose a channel where you want alert notifications to be posted.

  4. Get the webhook URL from the integration settings.

Now, open the ThousandEyes platform.

  1. Go to the Integrations screen.

  2. Click + New Integration.

  3. Select Slack.

The resulting panel displays the following fields:


Enter a name for your integration.


Enter the channel Webhook URL \(see step 4 above\).


Enter the channel name.


Once all fields are finalized, click **Save** to add the new integration.

If you need more customization than this native Slack integration supports, follow the instructions to set up a Custom Webhook instead.

Now, when an alert is triggered, the alert details will be posted as a message within the designated channel, as shown below. If you click the alert message link, the ThousandEyes Views screen opens, at the alert start time.

When your alert rule conditions are no longer met by your test (or the alert rule is updated such that the conditions no longer meet the criteria of the alert), the Alert cleared message is posted in your Slack channel. You can click the message link to open the ThousandEyes app at the Views screen for the alert cleared time.

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