Reporting on data collected by Endpoint Agent
ThousandEyes platform contains a reporting engine which provides both on-demand reports and scheduling of automatically generated reports. Data from tests can be organized into highly customized layouts, presented numerically or in tables or graphs, and sent via email to users. The Reports page (Reports > Reports) allows you to create, modify and delete reports, and create and schedule snapshots of existing reports. You can report on the following Endpoint metrics collected by the Endpoint Agent

Web metrics:

Page Success percentage Response Time

Network metrics:

Loss Latency Jitter Connection Failures

Network Topology:

Gateway Loss Gateway Latency Proxy Loss Proxy Latency VPN Loss VPN Latency Signal Quality Transmission Rate
When configuring reports, search under the Metric dropdown for “endpoint” to view all Endpoint Agent metrics. To configure a report on data collected by Endpoint Agent, see Dashboards and Reports.
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