Release Notes: 2017-05-24

Summer's just around the corner, along with some big changes for our product and big benefits for our customers. Until then, a mild spring release night, tonight. Here's the details...

Network World recently published a version of a blog post by ThousandEyes' Product Marketing Manager, Young Xu. Entitled 2017 Update: Comparing the Performance of Popular Public DNS Providers, the blog post provides updated data from the first blog post on this topic by Microsoft's Mehmet Akcin, published in 2015. Read one, read them all.

Bug fixes & minor features

Here's the bux fixes and minor features in this week's release:

  • The API now provides access to the Utilization statistic for Agent Clusters, in addition to Utilization for individual Enterprise Agents.

  • An API request to create a Network test previously ignored incorrect "Protocol" field specifications and created a test with default values. The API now correctly validates the Protocol field.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented an Enterprise Agent with high utilization from being removed from an Agent to Agent test.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving changes to test settings and generated an "Unable to process your request. Please try again later" error message.

  • The Reports Snapshots page of an Account Group that has no snapshots displays a link to the Reports view which was pointing to the wrong page. The link now points to the correct Reports page.

  • When using the Duplicate function on a Report, the resulting copy is no longer itself duplicated.

  • Fixed a BrowserBot issue that was generating a "Browser didn't initialize correctly" error.

  • Fixed an issue with web pages that caused BrowserBot crashes and showed a timeout in waterfall data, but still produced screenshots.

​Questions, comments?

What's on your mind? Got comments about the blog articles? Suggestions for features you want to see in a future Release Update? We love hearing from our customers. Feel free to send us an email.

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