Using WAN Insights Together with vAnalytics and vManage

WAN Insights has workflows with user actions or data flows that occur outside of WAN Insights itself.

  • Ingestion of network telemetry: Raw network traffic data from network devices is enriched in vAnalytics before being brought into WAN Insights to serve as the foundation for WAN Insights’ predictive path recommendations. No user action is required after initial setup of vAnalytics. See How to Activate ThousandEyes WAN Insights for more information.

  • Application configuration: Application bundles and most SLA thresholds are configured in vManage. Configurations are automatically detected by WAN Insights. However, user action is required to display the recommendations in WAN Insights, and configure the SLA thresholds for Cloud onRamp (CoR) applications. See Adding Business-Critical Applications to WAN Insights for more information.

  • Ingestion of circuit capacity data: WAN Insights can use circuit bandwidth settings configured in vManage, which you can subsequently update or revise. See Capacity Planning for more information.

  • Recommendation apply workflow: You can click through from a WAN Insights recommendation to apply those changes in vManage, if you have the required vManage version and you already have an Application-Aware Routing (AAR) policy in place for the application and the site. Note also that the apply workflow is limited to AAR traffic, not DIA traffic. For more information:

WAN Insights Administer WAN Insights permission is required to to add new applications and to apply recommendations. See Adding and Managing WAN Insights Users for more information.

vManage and vAnalytics are supported by the Cisco support team.

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