Using WAN Insights Together With ThousandEyes Network Assurance

WAN Insights and other ThousandEyes features complement one another. The core functionality of ThousandEyes is visibility into network layers across the global, public internet. The public internet contains portions of the path that you don’t own. ThousandEyes can also show deep visibility into your own network as well. ThousandEyes views include web-layer performance, HTTP server, network path visualization, BGP routing, DNS routing, and remote end-user experience.

Visibility comes from tests that you can run using ThousandEyes software agents: Cloud and Enterprise Agents, and Endpoint Agents. Additional visibility into global internet outages comes from collective intelligence of ThousandEyes Internet Insights.

Here are a few examples of how ThousandEyes and WAN Insights features work together:

  • Your own end users are accessing cloud SaaS applications using Direct Internet Access (DIA) instead of across your internally managed SD-WAN. If WAN Insights reports poor path quality, you can use ThousandEyes' path visualization to see the public Internet portions of that path, to isolate the trouble spots.

  • You can use ThousandEyes to hold your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) accountable and show them exactly where the issue is – is it the ISP, or is it the SaaS provider, or does the cause of the problem lie somewhere in between?

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