Release Notes: 2018-06-20

Welcome to tonight's release!

Summer in the northern hemisphere is nearly here, and winter is coming to the south. Which means it's almost time for...

The full schedule has just been posted for ThousandEyes Connect in Silicon Valley on July 12th. In the morning session, we've got great talks by some impressive speakers, including:

  • Thriving in a Connected World: When the Internet Becomes Your WAN Mohit Lad, CEO of ThousandEyes

  • Visibility at Scale: How Caesars Thrives in a Multi-Cloud World Shean Leigon, Senior Network Architect at Caesars Entertainment

  • How ThousandEyes Helps Atlassian Operate in the Public Cloud Benjamin McAlary, Principal Engineer at Atlassian Software

Check out the full schedule and sign up today!

ThousandEyes blog-wise, Senior Product Marketing Manager Angelique Medina continues our series of blog articles on software-defined networking with her latest post, Does SD-WAN Leave You Exposed? Fresh from attending the Gartner CIO Conference in Toronto, Angelique discusses a question of major concern to IT decision-makers: how stable are SD-WAN vendors and products? If the thought of implementing an SD-WAN solution and then seeing your vendor fold up shop is driving you crazy, see what Angelique says about preparing for changes in the SD-WAN landscape.

And for something completely different, blog-wise... If you're a fan of either MongoDB or sci-fantasy writer H. P. Lovecraft, then our Front-end Engineer Filip Wieland's post Cthulhu’s Mongo Aggregations and How To Tame Them is your cup of tea. Filip describes our recent redesign of the Endpoint Agent workflow, where complex database queries in Java were relocated to Mongo, increasing performance without driving any of our engineers insane.

And now, tonight's release--a summer harvest of new features and improvements...

Cloud Agents

Broadband Provider Cloud Agents

Another addition to our rapidly growing family of Cloud Agents in broadband provider networks. Today we welcome another Agent on AT&T's network, in Ashburn, Virginia!

Microsoft Azure Cloud Agents

In addition to Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, we now offer Cloud Agents in 25 Microsoft Azure regions around the world. These Cloud Agents make it possible to easily monitor connectivity from your data centers and offices to Azure, as well as between Azure regions. Please note that Azure has limited support for path traces from Cloud Agents in the Azure cloud. The Path Visualization view will display white nodes (stars, in the traceroute-style output) for traces outbound from the Azure environment.

Enter "Azure" in the Search bar on the Cloud Agents page to see a list of the Azure Cloud Agents.

Enterprise Agent filters

We've added filters to the Search bar on the Agents > Enterprise Agents page. Filters are now grouped into three categories: Agent, Agent Status and Agent Errors. The filters in each category are:

AgentAgent StatusAgent Errors

Agent Name


High Utilization



Version Outdated


Installation Type

Clock Offset

IP Address

OS Version

OS at End of Life

IPv6 Address

Agent Version

NAT Traversal

IPv6 Policy

BrowserBot Version



Assigned to Account Group

Path Visualization grouping

In the previous release, we added grouping of Agents in the Path Visualization view. In this release, we've added grouping of the destinations. The current Destinations grouping options are "IP Address" (the prior grouping) and "Location", which groups destinations by geographic location. Multiple destinations grouped by a single location will display the number of destinations on the icon of the location.


Download in PDF format

Reports can now be downloaded in Adobe Portable Data Format (PDF) format. On the Reports page, select a report using the Current report selector, and then click the Download link.

Filters for Report Snapshots

The Report Snapshots listing now has filters. Apply a filter to display Snapshots by the following criteria:

  • Shared: Display snapshots that are shared or not shared

  • Snapshot Type: Display snapshots generated on-demand, or by a schedule

  • Report: Display snapshots generated by a Report whose name matches the input string

  • Data Duration: Display snapshots with the selected duration of hours, days and/or minutes. The list of selections is created by extracting the duration of each listed snapshot.

Device Manager archived devices

Bug fixes & minor features

Here's the bug fixes and minor features in this week's release:

  • Organizations which have enabled Password Expiration can now select the number of new passwords which must be created before a previous password can be reused.

  • The Endpoint Agent's Nework Topology view has been improved for readability and scalability.

  • When the Device Layer page is reloaded in the browser, the Diagrams tab no longer disappears.

  • When the active alerts count reaches 1000 or higher, the red counter in the left menu bar no longer shifts downward.

  • Fixed an issue affecting creation of BGP alert rules which created incorrect logic. We have applied the fix retroactively to affected rules.

  • Alerts are now deleted from the history after three months from the date the Alert ends, rather than from the start of the Alert.

  • Waterfalls in Transaction tests now index pages starting at 1 instead of 0.

Independence Day holiday support and release

Due to the Independence Day holiday in the US on July 4th, our next release will be Monday, July 2nd rather than Tuesday, July 3rd.

Support on July 4th will be by email for the following hours:


13:00 to 1:00 on July 5th

9:00 to 21:00

6:00 to 18:00

Questions and comments

Got feedback on the new features or our blog? Send us an email!

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