NPCAP Driver Upgrade Management

The Endpoint Agent Client leverages the NPCAP library to support running certain network tests on Windows devices. From January 31, 2023, the installation package will include the NPCAP library by default. You can customize the installation scripts or remove this component during installation, if you don't intend to use TCP tests. The installations that previously omitted the TCP tests will have this setting respected.
As of September 27, 2022, the default NPCAP version distributed with the installer is version 1.55. The ThousandEyes platform gets tested against the NPCAP version distributed with the installer. However, there is a possibility (although rare) of a bug, if a different version is used on the device. If this risk is acceptable, you can request an exception to the default version support. Also, you can request a setting change to support additional versions (as long as it is newer than version 1.0). Please include all the versions that need support, in your request.

Report an Upgrade Issue

Please open a support case if you experience issues with the upgrade. In some scenarios, ThousandEyes may disable auto-updates temporarily on your production Account Group until the issue gets resolved.
Auto updates are important for stability, security, and product function.