Custom Virtual Appliances

ThousandEyes has introduced the ability to download a custom Virtual Appliance. Purpose-built for organizations deploying Virtual Appliances to clients, the custom Virtual Appliance is pre-configured with the account token and SSH keys used for management of the appliance. This streamlines configuration management and eliminates complexity for organizations deploying large numbers of virtual Appliances.

To generate a custom Virtual Appliance, go to Cloud & Enterprise Agents > Agent Settings, Add New Agent, and select the Custom Appliance tab, then select the Virtual tab:

Give the Virtual Appliance a name, select a format per the list below, select if you want the Web Server and add public SSH keys as appropriate:

  • ova - our most popular VA offering, formatted for use in VMware products, XenServer and VirtualBox.

  • zip - for use with Microsoft Hyper-V server 2008

  • Cisco OVA - for use within Cisco IOS XE based Integrated Service Routers (ISR)/Aggregated Service Routers (ASR)

Once you click the Generate button, it will take up to 30 minutes to generate a Virtual Appliance, depending on the format requested. You will receive an email when the generation process is complete.

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