Alert Rules for Devices


This section assumes that you have gone through the device discovery process, and are using the ThousandEyes platform to monitor one or more devices.

Once ThousandEyes is monitoring devices, you may want to configure alerts based on device-layer data.

Device-Layer Alert Rules

To create an alert rule for the device layer, go to the Alerts > Alert Rules > Devices tab and click Add New Alert Rule.

The sections below describe the fields on Add New Alert Rule screen.

Primary Section

  • Alert Type: Select Device or Interface.

  • Rule Name: Give the alert rule a human-readable name that makes sense for your implementation of ThousandEyes.

Settings Tab

  • Devices: Select the devices that this alert rule should apply to. After you click the dropdown, you can search for devices by name.

    A device's name is its SNMP name, or the name you changed it to after the device-discovery process. For more information, see Device Discovery and Device-Discovery Results.

  • Alert Conditions: Set the alert conditions that must be met in order to trigger this alert rule. The available alert conditions vary depending on the alert type you have specified.

Notifications Tab

The Notifications tab works the same regardless of the alert type you are setting up. You can find information about how to use the Notifications tab in Alert Notifications.

Additional Resources

For information on custom-built integrations for alerts in ThousandEyes, see Custom-Built Integrations.

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