Release Notes: 2015-01-07

Happy New Year to you from the team at ThousandEyes! We enjoyed our break over the holidays and hope that everybody is now back at work and fully refreshed.

The list below shows what we were working on leading up to (and in some cases, during) the break.

New Cloud Agents

We've added an agent in Portland, OR - and have also added Cloud Agents in Australia, in Melbourne and Adelaide. The Australian agents are part of a request-only agent set, so if you don't see these agents available in your list of Cloud agents, just ask our support team. To see the full list of agent locations offered by our platform, see our website.

Please note: these agents are available only on paid accounts. Trial accounts use a different agent set, which includes a more limited set of agent locations.

DNS+ Coverage Increase

On December 17th, we significantly increased the number of DNS+ Vantage Points from which we measure. This increase allowed us to expand our coverage area from around 1550 vantage points in 29 countries, to over 3100 in 70 countries.

Please note: DNS+ is sold as a premium service feature to our customers. If you do not have access to use DNS+ in your account, contact your account representative.

New Features

Activity Log

We've released a new feature to allow organizations to view activity on their account. Activity includes such items as user logins, test, and alert configuration changes, among other things. The Activity Log interface is available through the Accounts interface (Settings > Account > Activity Log), and allows users to see various activities conducted by users on the account. This article covers using the Activity Log feature set.

Please note that the Activity Log will begin accumulating data as of the deployment of code tonight, and will not contain data prior to tonight's release.

Agent Information

Users in an Account Admin or Organization Admin role are now able to retrieve system information of Enterprise Agents active on their accounts. Clicking the System Info link on the right hand side of the agent interface will open a modal dialog and allow users to show system information about their agents. Please note that the Agents must be online and communicating with our agent collector in order to display any system information.


We've continued development on our new reporting interface and refined some of the widget configuration options.

We've expanded the size of the legend for time series widgets, which will allow the legend to show on multiple lines, and group into columns. We've also added some warnings on configuration of these time series widgets, in order to make the readability of the charts more usable. The widget will warn you when more than 30 lines will be generated, and will prevent a configuration containing more than 200 lines from being created.

Getting help

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team; we're always here to help. Enjoy using the platform!

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