Application Traffic Types

The following types of network traffic are recognized by WAN Insights:

  • P2P: Peer-to-peer, or site-to-site application traffic. P2P traffic flows over IPSec tunnels within the SD-WAN.

  • DIA: Direct Internet Access traffic with SD-WAN CloudOnRamp feature enabled. Direct Internet Access traffic flows directly to the Internet and is not encrypted.

  • SIG: Secure Internet Gateway traffic is a type of DIA traffic that is encapsulated into an IPSec tunnel, which is then connected to a remote SIG location. Cisco Umbrella and Zscaler are two types of SIG traffic that are supported in SD-WAN.

How is network traffic associated with an application? Network traffic is classified on the network devices (routers) as belonging to a corresponding vManage application list, using the QOSMOS (vEdge) or NBAR2 (cEdge) deep packet inspection engines. The application lists in vManage correspond to application categories in WAN Insights, and are used in the SD-WAN for application-aware routing (AAR) on the network devices.

WAN Insights uses application traffic data to estimate the hourly active users for each application category, and to estimate circuit bandwidth utilization by application..

QOSMOS has been replaced with NBAR on vEdges starting from version 17.6.1/20.6.1.

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