Applying WAN Insights Recommendations

This page describes how to apply a WAN Insights recommendation by clicking through to the relevant vManage policy page via an automated workflow. Any recommendation with a status of Ready to apply is eligible.

The AAR policy for the given application on a given site (or site list) must exist.

You’ll need admin permissions as listed in Adding and Managing WAN Insights Users and a compatible vManage version as listed in Supported SD-WAN Software Versions in order to complete the automated workflow. If you don’t have the specified vManage version, you can still apply WAN Insights recommendations manually.

Steps to apply a WAN Insights recommendation automatically:

  1. Click a recommendation card in WAN Insights to open the Recommendation Details screen.

  2. At the top of this screen, where the recommendation status should be Ready to apply, click Request to Apply.

    1. The recommendation status changes to Pending application.

  3. In the Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN user interface, you’ll see a screen called Predictive Path Recommendations, which is part of vAnalytics. Click the Apply button on the recommendation in vAnalytics.

  4. On a policy configuration screen, you can review and compare the AAR policy changes suggested by this recommendation. In this screen, you can:

    1. See AAR policy changes

    2. Compare the existing policy with the recommended policy

    3. Click Activate to apply the changes in your network.

  5. When you apply the change, the WAN Insights recommendation status changes to show as Applied.

The Request to Apply button in WAN Insights will bookmark the recommendation in vAnalytics to show a star next to it. The star icon is visible only in the Table view. It helps to use the Table view in vAnalytics, as you can then sort the recommendations and then use the check boxes and Apply/Revert in bulk.

Applying Recommendations for Cloud OnRamp Applications

The automated workflow for applying recommendations is not yet available for Cloud OnRamp applications.

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